3 Use Cases of Online Training and Certification with MyPass LMS in the Time of COVID-19

Gone are the days when you can just walk to your co-worker’s desk to share knowledge. Owing to the current situation many businesses, healthcare providers, universities & nonprofits have shifted to a remote learning culture. It’s now time to think about how you can share knowledge and lead virtually. During these hard times, LMS is the key online training & certification at scale & ensuring virtual leadership across your stakeholders, employees & members.

Weblify Media’s MyPass LMS is an online training and certification platform catering to the needs of the various organizations irrespective of their, size, nature, or type. MyPass LMS is a customizable, scalable, and affordable LMS solution that extends learning beyond your team. Now let us study the various use cases of Weblify Media’s MyPass LMS, especially during the global pandemic.

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